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Natural Floorings

Here at Roy Morgan Carpet Specialists we supply and fit a massive selection of natural floor coverings including Sisal, Seagrass, Coir and Jute. Each of these natural fibres have there own set of unique properties that make them look and act unlike any other floor covering. Choosing the right fibre for you is vital, especially in areas which will receive heavy usage or are exposed to damp or humid conditions.

At Roy Morgan Carpet Specialists we offer expert advice to ensure that our customers choose the best material to suit their job and budget. please feel free to ask us for help and advice choosing the right fibre for you.


Sisal is increasingly popular fibre for its natural strength, light reflecting properties and the choice of colours and distinct weaves. Hard wearing, Sisal can be used in most areas of the home, with tight weaves being perfect for areas such as halls, corridors and stairs and looks brilliant in both modern and period settings.


Traditionally used in the making of ropes, the plant Agave Sisalana is found in Brazil and East Africa, where the pulpy leaves are crushed, washed and graded before being spun into yarn. The yarn is then dyed and spun into an array of different weaves, giving you a massive selection of colours and styles to choose from.


Seagrass is another popular fibre, grown in the paddy fields of China, where it is seasonally flooded with seawater, Seagrass is a very tough fibre with an inherently waxy feel, making it water and stain resistant, however Seagrass is not suitable for damp and humid conditions.



Derived from coconut this course fibre is ideal when contrasted against soft furnishings to create a homely feel which is also durable. Often used in halls, corridors and stairs due to its resilient nature, coir comes from the husk of the coconut, which is softened and then pounded to remove wooden portion, before combing and drying, prior to weaving.

Paper and Bamboo

For those wishing to create a unique feel to a room, using paper or bamboo flooring can be the way to bring a great way to introduce a clean, modern style with sleek lines and a pleasing feel.

Both materials are earthy and bring a surprising strength to compliment the fantastic look and feel of these diverse natural fabrics.